2D Platform Game

Worm of Applewood is a 2D platform adventure game with many different puzzles, tasks, and challenges which add new twists and make the game fun.

Billy is a worm living his best life in the orchard of Applewood Farm. He’s been spending most of his days munching apples and courting his sweetheart, Lucy. One morning, his idyllic life ends when Lucy is abducted by an evil snail Doctor Saliver.  

 This sinister mastermind has been abducting critters of Applewood Farm for a long time. Rumour has it he takes them to his laboratory where they are used as subjects for his twisted experiments. His lair has never been found as his attacks are usually swift and unexpected.

But brave little Billy managed to hit Saliver’s flying machine with a cannon. He now follows the trail of fallen debris to find Doctor Saliver and rescue Lucy.

Will you help him on his journey through different environments and assist him in defeating his slimy foe?